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Happy cake

Happy cake

Tuesday, 25. May 2010

Both hands and smiling mothers cake

By liyang, 08:45
By the newspaper and Changchun Delia Food Co., Ltd. jointly launched the "50 copies of a special birthday cake sent in May mom" activities start on time, the Conservancy staff Delia Food Co., Ltd. The event is designed to produce 50 were a symbol of health, happiness, happy Bacun milk cake, and when the 50 lucky mother hands the sweetest cake, hugged the children of filial piety when they are particularly happy happy smile.

The most serious mother personally write to thank you

In the event, Miss Bai leaning on his aged mother came down slowly from the car, 77-year-old Jin Guifen old man with trembling hands pulled out a piece of paper from the arms, the elderly, this is specially for the city yesterday morning, she Evening written letter of thanks. She said, "This Mother's Day is my life, the happiest day the happiest day of the most memorable and most meaningful day. I will always remember this day, happily living in the future every day." old and smiling, his face filled with full of happiness.

The happiest mother-in-good son-registration Flexed cake

Cake in the distribution of the scene, a pair of reporters to see this particular mother, who were not related, but the son and mother. Wang's mother to see is the look of joy, she proudly told reporters that the event is reported in the name of his son to, and now the family together to take the cake, it felt extremely happy. The old son Lee looked very low key, "my mother is my mother, ah, so I called my mother to see the activity report of the name, so her mother happily had a Mother's Day."

The mother-daughter accompanied the happiest take the cake

And her mother had the same feeling happy, there are people Miss Jiang, she was, and daughter together, and also enroll in only one pair of-law activities, the presence of many people admire the mother and daughter in-law than to feelings . Miss Jiang told reporters that her mother and daughter Mother's Day activities, see the newspaper report, they immediately pick up the phone for her application. Miss Jiang told reporters that the feelings between us-law has been very good. Delia hands specially crafted for the Mother's Day cake, Miss Jiang and said: "It's so grateful to you, the cake is not particularly expensive gifts, set the cake for my daughter's mind big ah!"

Happiest granddaughter to her grandmother led her mother cake

"Thank you, uncle, aunt thank you." Granddaughter hands with cake happy to say that the cake hands afterwards Xiao Hehe to get to the grandmother, "Grandma happy holiday." Auntie Lee happy tears, quickly took the granddaughter to their own cake. Aunt Lee, 54 years old, her husband died 10 years ago, has been with the son of each other and the wages of 290 yuan per month for his son to college, and now his son graduated from college, in Changchun their home, she moved to live in Changchun . "Every year the feast will send me a special birthday gift, they are filial piety, the son specifically to attend this event. I'm so happy." Auntie Lee finished them, holding the hand of her granddaughter, three generations Four guys with a special cake, happy to leave the event site.

The sweetest mother for the first time over Mother's Day

The people Ms. war is the youngest event in the lucky mother, she told reporters that his daughter had just middle school, see the report after the newspaper had whispered to her name, yesterday was Mother's Day, her daughter got up specially early made her a meal, but also, and her mother take the cake hands to the newspaper, "This is my first ever Mother's Day, I feel very happy, very happy, and go home, we three will enjoy this cake together, share were sweet. "war she says.

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Wednesday, 12. May 2010

Special New Year text messages sent to a special New Year wishes

By liyang, 09:24
Snowy sky, ushering in the New Year together for a long absence, mind it, select the message dedicated to sincere wishes to friends: Happy New Year! Let my blessings can melt cold winter, warm your heart!

New Year is approaching, to the global environment and resources, please buy less consciously traditional paper greeting cards, you can face value of the renminbi on a large pencil fill message, send me! Thank you for your support for the cause of environmental protection! I wish you happiness!

I was Harry Potter's magic wand hand, sincere prayer: I want to turn into butter all happy, all the blessings of bunched up into chocolate cake made happy forever ... ... flatten you! Happy New Year! New Year drink and pay attention to four kinds of people: red cheek, and comb Xiaobian Er, and Bu Zhisheng children, and hides tablets children's.

In the new year, you think to succeed you? Do you want to get rich? Do you want the family name? Do you want to become rich it? Do you want to name for oneself it? Do you want to make a fortune promoted it? Do you want good fortune it? Nobody is allowed to think, and fast sleep!

Happy Year of the Tiger season: love triumphant; physically powerful masculine; cause proud; happy life sweet.

Good: Leadership favor you, the police told you, the court toward you, the official transport accompanied you,HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard daughter submissions from you, whatever you eat and drink, fortune covered with you, winning only you!

The new year, I pledged to the National People do three things: 1. To repair the lift Mount Everest; 2. To the Great Wall tiling; 3. To equip airplanes with reverse gear; do three little things: 1. To fly wearing gloves ; 2. to mosquitoes wear masks; 3. to give you feed feed.

New Year, send Hello mood: do not bother the sea more water, the mountains more wei, more spider legs, hot pepper and then the mouth, all to the most beautiful, happy, never regret!

Things are not due to the passage of time and faded, some people do not forget to meet because of infrequent, the memory you are my friend forever. In this welcome occasion to wish all the best

Bang Bang's BODY, full of MONEY, lots of HAPPY, feel every day is SUNNY, carefree like a BABY, a word, you are most happy New Year.

Happy New Year! Everything is all right! Carnival Fun! Plenty of money! Good luck! Flowers rich! Feast! Longevity Jubilee! Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Zhu Jun Happy New Year! New Year new look! New Year mood! New Year New Start! New Year luck! QI would like your new friends, everything is always smug, future career prospects, thousands of miles!

I wish you: starts with one and the arrival; I hope you find your pot of gold; plenty of money, wealth and good fortune; happiness and good health, Hing Yau; bamboo hold peace begins at; beaming!

The green and the vast field, this year's hopes too slim; story skilled are vast, tonight can go hand in hand with you rob a bank? Jietouanhao: Happy new year!

Happy new year: the cause of legitimate afternoon, the body as strong as the tiger, money, numerous, not hard work, leisure, like mice, like romantic music, happiness - belong to you.

The weather slowly deteriorated gradually cool hit; because your cute, specially for you care; night quilt to cover, so that bad cold hands and feet; nothing Diao bones, so you can calcium; not to say too bad, I wish you Happy New Year!

More than one occasion I said to you that your life will not work, take care of yourself, but you always meaningful to say: do not take advantage of New Year rolled more than a few dung, next year I eat? Do not exhausted themselves, I wish you a Happy New Year!

New Year to think of nothing to give you and do not intend to give you too much, just to give you 50 million: 10 million happy! 10 million to health! 10 million should be safe! 10 million to be satisfied! Do not forget me!

Best of luck, like landmines, often give you step on; fate as the meteor shower as you can not always be poured; wealth like garbage, and you could pick up; happy with your life staring at you like flies tightly.

Good: Leadership favor you, the police told you, the court toward you, accompanied by official transport you from the wife with you, whatever you eat and drink, fortune covered with you, winning only you!

I asked a mosquito to find you the most reliable, it will tell you I want you, and ask it for me kiss you, because I can not close to you, hope you do not use mosquito coils and mosquito, as it will for me brought a lot of "red packets" to you.

Holidays, and I do not want to give too much, it will give you 50 million: 10 million to be happy! 10 million to health! 10 million should be safe! 10 million to be satisfied! Do not forget me!

Happy holidays! Hello mood --- do not bother to send more water into the sea, the mountains more Wei, spiders more legs, spicy pepper and then the mouth,Compaq keyboard but also how ghosts do not bother bin Laden, the United States how tired you sum up the most beautiful, happy, never regret !

Let me tell you seven live happy: 1. More attention to me; 2. More like me; 3. More care of me; 4. More pain I; 5. More common I; 6. Multiple messages to me; 7 . The most important thing is to recognize such a lovely me! Night, such as alcohol, cold wind blowing gently Liu, chrysanthemum open for a long time, where are you running? Cold for a long time, clothes do not you? City not allow dogs, do not hit you the owner? Ping calls will happen, free my heart miss --- master.

Long time no see a little bit like the recent well-being of the body can? One year working very hard, cold and do not forget to add clothes! While you are supercilious look wolf, I can put your heart in mind! Anyway, nothing too idle, the whole point of when to feed the cat food!

Sunrise in the East China Sea off the sun, unhappy day too, joyful day; failing into a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart; often chat with friends, old like to talk about, talk about this also is not worth a fairy fairy; wish you happiness throughout the year. Buddies! So I have money: I want the XO to you flush with dollars to you cigarette lighter, to buy 999 roses to your bath, you as the maid to find My Fair Princess, you feed fat with KFC, and then with Boeing to send you to the slaughterhouse ... ...

You wanted in the New Year's Eve, and your offense is: 1. Good friend, but also enough loyalty; 2. Youthful face, bright smile. The court ruling is as follows: fine you my friend for life, without appeal!

Chinese New Year with gift, surprise waiting for you. Edit message "I would like to invite you for dinner" to 138XXXXXXXX (of course, sent text messages that guy's number), you will have the opportunity to be a genius autograph, pictures taken. Rare opportunity, quickly!

Yesterday to pay an inch photograph, why bring a stamp. Speed to my report, this new monkey back votes.

Taking into account a few days due to the blessings would be overwhelming message blocking network, ideals, vision, and intelligence and the universe invincible super genius --- I wish in advance: Happy New Year!

From now on, you only hurt a person, pet you, do not lie to you, promise you will do every thing, every word you say is true, does not bully you, hit you, curse you, to believe I bullied the first time you and I will help you, you are glad to keep you happy, you are not happy to coax you happy, always feel that you are the most beautiful, the dream will see you, only you in mind!

In the new year, to enjoy good health, teeth fall out; bon voyage, halfway missing; all the way, halfway fall; happy every day, often perverted; smiling and deserve to die laughing! Because of you I believe in fate; Because of you I believe in fate; Maybe all this is heaven bound, some kind of traction with 我俩. Really want to say ... ... I do what previous life sin ah!

Money is a useful thing, but only when you feel contented, it will bring you happiness. So you should give me extra money, so the two of us will feel happy!

Wind blows, March spring, southern grass long, Jiangbei plumbing, Ling foreign Meixiang, stuffed with soft willow, but also look for Fang season outing, I want to say is ... ... New Year, and the warmth of spring when you ask me eat? I wish you a New Year's holidays: small drink to the disowned, cigarettes pumped die, regardless of mahjong twist to the day and night, dance until exhausted, blowing themselves do not believe in boasting.

Happy new year: how high responsibility for light, more money is close to home, sleep in big bright day, the wage received hand cramps, others you pay extra!

New Year need to update the phone memory, is to delete contacts, all information will be lost. Please wait ... ...

Chinese New Year you want to hear a guest in our home, my brother will pick you up on my behalf, for ease of identification please take your two upper left hand smoke, to mention two bottles of Maotai right.

New Year's couplets: day by an increasing lean years, has had enough steamed rice porridge. Bird's nest did not enjoy shark fin, is a hard bone!

Give you a coat, in front of peace, followed by happiness, good fortune is the collar,sleeves Ruyi is, happiness is the buttons, pockets full of warm, wear it, let it accompany you every day! Happy New Year!

Company as a tree covered with monkeys, all ass to the point of view, looking down all smiles, looking all around the eyes and ears. Year of the Tiger to wish you Shijin climbing up more than two branches, see more smiling faces and less ass!

Happy and prosperous! I wish you a popularity beyond the Virgin Mary, the mother of Bill Gates wealth gas tablets, British Gas is better than Saddam, cool catching up with David Beckham, the international superman belong to you!

What is everlasting? What is to long? To say happy new year, you remember that last forever!

Stars down to three seconds, the moon rises in a day, the Earth to be a year to a person 24 hours, to love a person to life, but a close second blessing as long as: Happy Year of the Tiger!

Spring full of you; family care about you; love nourish you; friends loyal to you; I wish you here; Lucky Star will always act the way you. Sincerely wish you: Happy New Year!

I would like to sent you the blessing of the most fresh and most of you are worth reading a hundred times. Happy New Year and good luck!

I wish and hope that will melt the snow on the next. Them along the spring seedling growth, give you years of fruitful and full of fragrance.

Happy new year in extra cash, Yan Fu lot, queens, children and grandchildren. East West kiss light touch groan, owned the right hold the left smiling beauty, jealousy envy Wei Xiaobao bad Ximen.

This moment have my deepest thoughts. To carry a full of blessing to cloud, dotted you sweet dreams. Wishing you a happy Year of the Tiger!

Legend of Lavender has four green leaves: the first leaf of faith, hope the second leaf, third leaf is the love, the fourth leaf is lucky. Give you a lavender, wish you a happy Year of the Tiger!

Wish you well in the new year, all hope can be fulfilled all my dreams come true, all the expectations can be on all the pay can be fulfilled!


Wednesday, 05. May 2010

Personally make a sweet cake for love

By liyang, 04:02
Why should make their own cake?

    M: read other people's blog is very interesting, that the cake is not hard, and do their own health, rest assured yourself affluence Well.

    ■ usually work quite busy, and do not think trouble? What to do when the general average how long do they?

    M: not ah,HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| it felt pretty interesting. Working days of course will not do so, the general to the weekend or on holidays gets, probably once or twice a month to do it. When my colleagues at work to bring food, very popular Oh!

    ■ What tools are need to configure?

    M: the most important is the oven, there are many other small tools, but are not difficult to buy, such as cake molds, bread mold, electric mixer, pounds to spend no more than that ..... a total of 500. Internet can find many related posts.

    ■ with two hands like any dessert?

    M: My husband was worried that I started buying a lot of tools, not halfway do it several times. Persist for six months now and learn to do a lot of variety, my husband is also very happy. He usually help to do the kind of heavy work such as kneading dough, ah. Wave process is not romantic is not the most important key is to evaluate results and others, Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|laptop keyboard|most importantly delicious!

    Dax Strawberry Cake

Personally make a sweet cake

    ● Material: cookie bottom, butter 75 grams, sugar 45 grams, egg 1, 125 grams of cake flour, almond protein, almond powder 100 grams, 100 grams of powdered sugar, cake flour 22 g, Protein 130 grams, sugar 55 grams, 1 gram of tartar

    ● decoration: Strawberry 10, custard cream, milk, half a liter, son of a vanilla sugar 100 grams, 40 grams custard powder, egg yolk 10 grams, 25 grams butter

    ● practice:

    1, do first end cookies, butter, sugar and eggs, mix well and knead into dough by adding flour cake, squash and cut into heart-shaped, into a 180 degree Celsius oven for 15 minutes, let cool reserve .

    2., Then make almond protein, first protein powder and sugar and beat him his uniform, to issue device playing egg protein, and then powdered sugar, cake flour and almond powder mixed into protein. Should be noted that protein to clean, can not leave eggs root, or slippery enough after baking.

    3, the almond protein into plastic bags, jack in the crust, the jack from the outside in time to make like a month Bafu shape.

    4, and finally make custard cream, milk with sugar and cook, slowly add vanilla son, egg yolk and cook until thick custard powder, wait until after the completion of the temperature dropped to 40 degrees Celsius can be added butter, and then jack to the center of the cake. Finally put strawberries, into the refrigerator freezer can.

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Thursday, 29. April 2010

More refined than the art custom wedding cake taste sweet happiness

By liyang, 04:33
Sweet and delicious wedding cake, the sweet new witness people happy. Autumn wedding cake, the sweet taste still continue along in the shape pattern and show a more diverse and three-dimensional trend, whether it is modeling clever, fresh and elegant taste, is full of strong ethnic flavor cake ... ... in here you must find your own sweet taste.

Florid romantic love fine

Thick vanilla cream icing mellow body wrap from the cake, outlines the dense folds and patches of lace flowers. Another side of cake with a tan seat and tableware patterns, showing a warm and elegant atmosphere intertwined. This cake is very appropriate for a romantic yet still refined style of the wedding, the bride's favorite flower element must not miss!

Ring an alternative happy

This unique alternative style wedding cake, Species are sweet chocolate icing. White and green of the convex ring effectively creating three-dimensional cake, the icing was light blue and white low-level turn-like, with integration of convex origin, harmony and unity. Again with a number of dense stripes tableware, it is suitable for exotic wedding, but also symbolizes the circle of happy love and happiness.

Tranquil green leaves accompanied by permanent

Green wedding How can we miss the outdoor section from the "green leaf" decorate the cake then. Thick white icing cake tightly wrapped around the entire body, although no particular form, but a large maple leaf decoration, but rather just right of the point of eye effect. Green leaf pattern dinnerware is seamless with the design of the cake itself. Fresh and elegant cake excellent interpretation of love to embrace nature, accompanied by this life with a tranquil mind the new people.

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Friday, 23. April 2010

Well, moving cake

By liyang, 10:03
What is the taste of happiness? I say it is sweet, like that piece of cake.

Year-old's birthday that year was my most memorable. That time, I did not, as in previous years early in the mother before talking about the birthday of the arrangement, but as usual to go to school, after school, on the birthday of this silent.

Home after school, I feel a little sour, because from morning until now, my mother did not actually say "Happy Birthday." I have homework in the room bowed head,Laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| HP 365485-001 Keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard| HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard| feeling a trace of sadness. Mom and Dad forgot my birthday! Birthday only once a year, would you rather I spent in the desolate it? And yet they love me and are fake! Grieve, I began to regret it, why not tell them that today is my birthday, so you can happily birthday was.

I glumly ate their dinner without saying a word. Mom and Dad went for a walk, I was the only one at home. I watched TV a while, really want to cry, I did not think they even really remember my birthday. Then, the doorbell rings, they come back? I opened the door quietly hide in the room ready. At this moment, I shines, because her mother holding the hands of a birthday cake! "Happy birthday!" Mom's words suddenly I turn grief to joy of lights mother's face as the United States as the flowers! Mom and Dad sang birthday song while clapping, HP Laptop keyboard|HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard| my eyes blurred. They also remember my birthday! I am so happy and good guilt! I'm sorry, I still blame them! I really want to say thank you, but did not say. But I was very happy, because I have such pain I love my Mom and Dad!

What is happiness? Happiness is that a trace of bitter sweet after. Happiness is the crystallization of parental love cake. Well, more like flowers bloom in my heart!

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Wednesday, 21. April 2010

A story of divorce cake

By liyang, 08:41
If the wedding cake is a wedding must have dessert, so natural and ultimately divorce divorce party cake.

From Brighton   recently introduced variety of rather creative divorce cake, so breaking up becomes no longer "bitter." A three-tier cake, a smiling woman hands her husband pushed hard to cake.

British "Daily Mail" website reported that 31-year-old Millar produced a variety of prices between 60 pounds (80 U.S. dollars) to 800 pounds (1074 U.S. dollars) of the divorce cake, hope the marriage failure in a positive attitude towards past. Sugar gum made from the despair of a woman along with hands Pazhu cake, he was easily kicked open her husband face, the cake was written the words: "Free at last!"
Millar said that people of different views on divorce: Some people think it is terrible, some people think that the end of that period also ushered in a new experience began. Making divorce cake, in a humorous way is to ease the emotional loss of marriage failures, and guide them from a positive perspective to the problem.
User Damingteluo Roper said: "If people feel the need to pay for a divorce cake, then he must be a fool, and hang single."
Good bloody scenes! But do not be afraid, it is a sweet strawberry sauce.

In fact, the divorce cake is not Millar's "invention." In Florida, "the essence of creative cake" bakery earlier this year also launched a divorce cake, one of the most "classic" style are a couple and had to break across the middle of a broken heart.

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